Corporate Massage

Are you looking to boost employee morale and show them how much you appreciate all their hard work? 

With over five years' experience in offering onsite corporate massage and beauty services, I am able to offer my holistic services to your organisation as a one-off or more regular event. This will reduce workplace stress and boost morale, leaving your employees feeling more energised, focused and productive. For my corporate massage events, the ladies' only service restriction is lifted. 

How it works
  • Massages can start from 15 minutes each with a 5 minute turnover between clients.
  • Massages will take place in a warm, private, quiet meeting room so staff can come away from the desk and completely switch off, relax and unwind for the duration of their treatment. 
  • I charge £25 per hour with a minimum of two hours booked
  • I provide a massage table, towels, soft music and massage oil (if required) 
  • If the size and/or treatment timings of your event require me to book another therapist's assistance, I will require at least two weeks' notice. I will vouch for the professionalism and qualifications of any therapist who may assist me. Only fully qualified, industry professionals that have a minimum of five years experience will ever be used.